The MyAccount API is for the customer´s self-management of own settings.


GET (all) from https://env.zignsec.com/v2/myaccount/settings
GET from https://env.zignsec.com/v2/myaccount/settings/settingname
POST to https://env.zignsec.com/v2/myaccount/settings/settingname
DELETE from https://env.zignsec.com/v2/myaccount/settings/settingname
   where env is api or test and settingname is the name of a specific setting.

Pre-defined Settings

  • DefaultLanguage – Changes the user interface language for web forms shown by ZignSec. For example, if a customer mainly uses the Swedish BankID ZignSec will set this setting to SV for best user experience. If DefaultLanguage is not set EN is used. The code format should be in this 2-letter ISO 639-1 language code, case-insenitive.
  • TestDkLookupPerson – This setting can be used to add extra test persons for the customer, for the Danish LookupPerson in test environment.

GET myaccount/settings

This example demonstrates how to get all stored settings on your account.

Request Example:

            GET https://test.zignsec.com/v2/myaccount/settings HTTP/1.1
Authorization: YOUR-KEY


Response is of content-type “application/json; charset=utf-8”, in this case :

  "test2": "testing_testing",
  "test3": "23'45l cv89\u00f6\\\u00a3\u20ac@9!\"#\u00a7\u00bd",
  "TestDkLookupPerson": "0608914472; Trude; Berg; Mengvej 91;; 6094; Hejls |  1204001139; Tito; Kristoffersen; Eskj\u00e6rvej 6; Eskj\u00e6r; 7870; Roslev"

GET myaccount/settings/{settingName}

The example below demonstrates the retrieval of the TestDkLookupPerson setting.

Request Example:

            GET https://test.zignsec.com/v2/myaccount/settings/testdklookupperson HTTP/1.1
Authorization: YOUR-KEY


Response is of content-type “plain/text”, in this case:

0608914472; Trude; Berg; Mengvej 91;; 6094; Hejls |
1204001139; Tito; Kristoffersen; Eskjærvej 6; Eskjær; 7870; Roslev |
2202132121; Thom; Gregersen; Jættehøjen 57; ; 8240; Risskov |
1904450040; Tina; Danielsen; Sundbakken 31; ; 5700; Svendborg

POST myaccount/settings/{settingName}

The below example sets setting test3 to the new value “23’45l cv89ö\£€@9!”#§½.“, a string containing unusual characters as a demonstration. Notice how the string needs to be base64-encoded in the http body below.


            POST https://test.zignsec.com/v2/myaccount/settings/test3 HTTP/1.1
Content-Length: 27
Content-Type: application/json; charset=UTF-8
Authorization: YOUR-KEY



DELETE myaccount/settings/{settingName}

The below example detetes setting ‘test3’ for the current customer.


            DELETE https://test.zignsec.com/v2/myaccount/settings/test3 HTTP/1.1
Authorization: YOUR-KEY