SearchPerson -se -dk

A country-generalized search – for looking up persons and their addresses. It will return the best matching addresses and score them with ZignSec´s adjustable query algorithm. Each address returned includes a match score details field for traceability. This details field is a short string version of the SubScore array.


POST to https://env.zignsec.com/v2/ekyc/searchperson

where env is api or test.


In the Query node level:

CountryCode Mandatory parameter. Sets the country to query in.
DateOfBirth In the form YYYY-MM-DD
MobileNumber Enables search by phone number where service is available.
Address Street name and number etc.

In the root node level:

Environment Optional parameter. See Environment at the Common Data documentation.
DataSource Optional parameter. For specifying the underlying search provider to be used.

Sample of Test persons can be found here.

Example call:

            POST https://test.zignsec.com/v2/ekyc/searchperson HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json; charset=UTF-8
Authorization: your_key_here


Example Response:
The PersonsFound node contains an array of address objects.

There are three fields in a matching address row that represents the matching degree against the query, for example the SubScoresDescription compactly describes the SubScore array.

	"id": "686aa869-2deb-4897-a7d3-99b6806d38ef",
	"errors": [],
	"ResultCount": 1,
	"MatchLevelScoringExpression": "85%/60% | FullName;0,5;ld | Address;0,5;ld | PostalCode;1;ld | City;1;ld",
	"PersonsFound": [
		"_MatchLevel": "LOW 40% | FullName 39%;0,5;ld_13 | Address 0%;0,5;ld_nodata | PostalCode 0%;1;ld_nodata | City 100%;1;ld_0",
		"_SortIndexAtSource": 0,
		"PersonStatus": "",
		"MainFirstName": "Erik",
		"FirstName": "Erik Lennart",
		"LastName": "Eriksson",
		"DateOfBirth": "19491120",
		"BirthYear": 1949,
		"BirthMonth": 11,
		"BirthDayOfMonth": 20,
		"Age": 0,
		"PersonalNumber": "194911201111",
		"Address": "Vikingavägen",
		"Address2": null,
		"PostalCode": "72476",
		"Location": null,
		"City": "VÄSTERÅS",
		"Province": "Västerås",
		"CountryCode": "se",
		"Phone": null,
		"Email": null,
		"PhoneNumbers": null,
		"_DataSource": null,
		"FullName": "Erik Lennart Eriksson"