Register Lookups and Validations

Register Checks is our labeling of our products around customer identity verification via local registers. As the name revives this is an electronic way of doing a KYC or enhanced Due Diligence of a customer especially tailored for online business.

The purpose of the Register Check product is carry out a “live” verification of a registered users’s personal details. It is a API-based method running in the background not requiring any action from the user. Use it to validate the accuracy of a data set upon registration.

Technically it works like this: You input the data of the customer you want to verify to Zignsec via API. With use of different local registered we check the accuracy of the data and report the result back via a API-call or an end-point. In many cases we carry out checks towards multiple different registers to enhance the quality of the results. Together with the result we also pass you an indicator of the authenticity of the details.

In most countries you can only validate already collected details using our Validate Identity or Validate Address methods while in some countries it is possible to enrich the data you have collected using methods like lookup Person or Person search.


Country Reach and Restrictions

Here is a European map and list of the countries that Zignsec cover with our Register Check product. The list shows the number of connected registers per country as well as the general percentage of the population that we cover.

 Register Checks
 Region  Country  KYC  Coverage  # of sources Coverage
 Europe  Austria  x  x             2 80%
 Europe  Belgium  x  x             2 90%
 Europe  Denmark  x  x             6 90%
 Europe  Finland  x  x             3 98%
 Europe  France  x  x             6 65%
 Europe  Germany  x  x             4 85%
 Europe  Italy  x  x             4 90%
 Europe  Netherlands  x  x             5 95%
 Europe  Norway  x  x             6 95%
 Europe  Portugal  x  x             4 85%
 Europe  Romania  x  x             2 40%
 Europe  Russia  x  x             3 85%
 Europe  Spain  x  x             5 90%
 Europe  Sweden  x  x             4 95%
 Europe  Switzerland  x  x             2 90%
 Europe  Turkey  x             1 80%
 Europe  United Kingdom  x  x             4 95%
 MENA  Bahrain  x             2 25%
 MENA  Egypt  x             2 20%
 MENA  Jordan  x  x             2 95%
 MENA  Kuwait  x             3 65%
 MENA  Lebanon  x             2 95%
 MENA  Oman  x             2 65%
 MENA  Saudi Arabia  x             2 65%
 MENA  United Arab Emirates  x  x             2 25%
 Americas  Argentina  x  x             2 75%
 Americas  Brazil  x  x             4 97%
 Americas  Canada  x  x             3 60%
 Americas  Chile  x  x             2 90%
 Americas  Mexico  x  x             4 95%
 Americas  United States  x  x             2 90%
 Asia Pacific  Australia  x  x             6 95%
 Asia Pacific  China  x  x             2 90%
 Asia Pacific  Hong Kong  x             1 25%
 Asia Pacific  India  x             1 70%
 Asia Pacific  Japan  x  x             3 40%
 Asia Pacific  Malaysia  x  x             2 55%
 Asia Pacific  New Zealand  x  x             5 95%
 Asia Pacific  Singapore  x             1 25%
 Africa  South Africa  x  x             2 90%


Use Register checks together with Online ID Scan, National eID-Schemes or Banking API for full AML-compliance.

This product meets the new 4th EU Money Laundering Directive, by utilizing two independent data sources in its customer verification process:

  • A national fail-safe electronic identity service for personal identification
  • A top-quality address register or national population register.