ZignSec´s REST APIs have a general return object format that includes an errors field. This field contains an array of error objects, each of which has two fields, code and description.

Error Object

Property Type Description
code string A code indicating what type of error occurred.
description string A descriptive error message (in English) indicating what type of error occurred.

Example of a returned error:

  "errors": [
      "description": "1637217431 is an invalid Danish CPR Number."

Missing Mandatory Parameters in REST Calls

Normally, many fields can be left out from an object, which equates to setting the field to null. However if an whole object is left out or is set to null, or alternatively all the fields in an object are left out then you will receive a missing parameter exception. These messages can be a bit different for the respective service calls. Example of a Missing Data Response:

  "errors": [
      "code": "Internal Exception",
      "description": "ComputeTotalScore - second element in comparison is missing"

Error Codes

The following is a list of error codes that may be generated by the ZignSec API

INVALID_PERSONALNUMBERRFU: Reserved for Future Use. Invalid Personal number, for example missing or bad format.
INVALID_DATEOFBIRTHInvalid Date of birth, for example missing
INVALID_ADDRESSInvalid address
MISSING_CONFIGYour account has a missing config, contact ZignSec for help.
INVALID_TARGETTarget URL is invalid
INVALID_WEBHOOKWebhook URL is invalid
SESSION_NOT_FOUNDSession not found