• Bank ID SE fix


  • Company validation


  • Scanning forgery detection enhancement
  • SMS: message size limit
  • Swagger documentation update


  • Scanning: document forgery detection
  • Scanning: UI fix
  • Global Watchlist – prod account configuration


  • Watchlist monitoring
  • Bank ID SE: collect method fix
  • Scanning: webhook payload format fix
  • Portal: general transaction details fix


  • Web-sdk: Added OZ Liveness support, fixes
  • Portal: Added users password change ability
  • Scanning: UX improvements, error handling improvements, fixes


  • eID SmartID: verification code supported


  • Scanning: Liveness check API flow 
  • Scanning: fixes and enhancements for liveness check; PATCH documents enabled
  • Scanning: performance fixes
  • Portal: UX improvements and fixes
  • Watchlist v3: error handling fixed


  • Scanning: added liveness check
  • IDIN: CDDN Updated Validate Naw response
  • Portal: Added UI for Merchant Settings editing; 
  • Portal: scanning sessions handling improvements and fixes
  • Scanning: bugfixing, added swagger documentation


  • IDIN: CDDN Added Validate Naw API support
  • Bank ID No: Added support of Norsk Bokmål language
  • Scanning: New images verification service integration


  • WebSDK: Added support to redirect an integration to another page instead of using iframes
  • Watchlist: Implemented global watchlist via MemberCheck
  • Watchlist: Increased the list of supported countries
  • Scanning Portal: Migration to the new portal


  • Scanning Portal: Multiple analysis history, documents scan results tab
  • Authada: improved swagger documentation, fixed bug with missing data in webhook
  • CDDN: extended ui flow


  • Added new products: NBID+PEP, IDIN (CDDN)
  • Added new providers: FinApi, Authada, CDDN
  • SMS: Wrong status is fixed
  • Scanning Portal: Row Menu layout improvements


  • Scanning Portal: Manual scanning operations: сreate a new session, add documents, start a new analysis. “Created date” column is replaced with “Start date” column
  • WebSDK: Implemented AML flow start from the Web SDK


  • Scanning: Fixed Expert analysis feature with new response. Added support for requesting an Expert analysis from the Scanning portal
  • SwissID: Implemented Session timeout


  • NemID: confirmed correct handling of the new signing certificates
  • new *.zignsec.com certificate installed
  • added integration with SwissID
  • IP whitelisting for all products
  • BankID Norway (vipps) bug fixes


  • BankID Norway (vipps): Two bug fixes in the userinfo feature


  • BankID Norway (vipps): user info request implemented
  • Scanning Portal: new user experience (UX) features
  • Scanning: supported PDF/PNG files (without analysis as it doesn’t make sense) upload for Other Document type 
  • Scanning: Expert analysis fixed
  • eID – Age Verification via IDIN – error handling fixes


  • Scanning Portal: new user experience (UX) introduced
  • WebSdk: added BankID Finland
  • eID – Age Verification via IDIN – fixes and improvements
  • ValidateIdentity – new tenant added
  • SearchPerson Norway – phone number lookup fixed


  • eID – Baltics: added SmartID integration
  • WebSdk: added BankID SE/NO/DK
  • eID – Age Verification via IDIN – fixes
  • Scanning: added support for 3rd-party CSS
  • Scanning: small fixes (browser compatibility)
  • Portal: small fixes in Scanning and Swish


  • Swish: hotfix to remove dependency on redis


  • WebSdk: added scanning flow; introduced new authentication tokens approach
  • AML: basic scenario for Norway implemented
  • Swish: added IP white-listing
  • Scanning: API sessions now support relay_state


  • Swish: fixed security for Payment result and Refund result endpoints
  • Portal: UX improvements, new UI
  • Scanning: Fraud analysis summary now shows all errors in addition to the first one


  • Added docs for Watchlist Premium C6
  • SearchPerson Norway – improved API integration regarding details query
  • Scanning: Update of see results button on waiting page.
  • AgeVerification NL: improved


  • eID – Age Verification via iDIN in the Netherlands
  • Scanning: Change the analyzing logic for Any Document type
  • Scanning API: include the clicked document type button for each uploaded document into the API response
  • Scanning API and UX: add new settings: workflow, allowed_documentypes and otherdocument_specification


  • Watchlist: Added a GlobalPremium service with support for C6, Adverse Media and SIP (Special Interest Person) lists.
  • fbid: Updated to latest attribute mapping
  • Scanning: Added a Cancel button for mobile flow
  • Scanning Portal: Updated scanning transactions to include duration, performed analysis types and files (names as hint)


  • WebSDK: Release of a the new a new zero-integration API  integration technology aimed at our eID browser-based flows using simple JavaScripts, and copy paste


  • AML: Release of the new Orchestration product especially aimed at custom workflows for example eID + PEP + AddressLookup in single flow. This particular endpoint will fulfil the new AML 5 requirements coming January 2020


  • eID SmartID: verification code supported