LookupPerson service looks up the address data for residents existing in the national population register by countryCode and a national PersonalNumber. A lookup by PhoneNumber is also available. The response can be either exactly one address hit, or empty if no match was found. For found persons the return field PersonStatus indicates the status, where empty status is the default and normal value, see below table. January 2020: Lookup from Finland’s population registry available in test environment, with these test persons. PersonStatus:
  • PersonStatus missing, “” or Active represents an active person and is the normal value.)
  • Protected – a person with protected identity
  • Emigrated – a emigrated person will show this status for a “limited period”.
  • Deceased – a deceased person will show this status for a “limited period”.
  • DeRegistered – internal deletion code
  • Unknown status – the earlier status was most likely Deceased or Emigrated but the indication is automatically lost after the above “limited period” has elapsed, and Unknown status is shown instead.
In case of a set PersonStatus the name and address fields are blanked out. Note: eID authentications are able to automatically include address data. (currently Swedish BankID and BankingAPI): Set parameter LookupPersonAddress to true to do an address lookup towards the population register with the authenticated PersonalNumber.


POST to https://env.zignsec.com/v2/ekyc/lookupperson where env is API or test.

Test Data

For the test environment these are the test persons returned: Link to Danish test persons. Link to Swedish test persons. At the moment there is no test data to lookup persons by PhoneNumber, this can only by done in production environment (API). Observe that every customer can add their test users for Swedish or Danish LookupPerson with the settings TestSeLookupPerson and TestDkLookupPerson.


CountryCodeMandatory parameter. Sets the country to query in.
PersonalNumberOptional parameter. The national personal number of the person searched for, in the correct format. (you can use alias IdentityNumber)
PhoneNumberOptional parameter. A land line or mobile phone number. Observe that this alternative only works for Sweden.
EnvironmentOptional parameter. See
POST https://test.zignsec.com/v2/ekyc/lookupperson HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json; charset=UTF-8
Authorization: your_key_here