Below you find country-specific KYC-services (Know Your Customer). The goal is to verify the true identity of the end-user.



where env is API or test.

List of Services

    • Denmark: MatchPidCpr – This call checks if a Danish PID number matches the publicly used CPR number. (PID is the long technical key identifying a person especially in the NemID service.)

MatchPidCpr API (for Danish NemID)

This call checks whether the PID (NemID´s technical person identifier returned on every NemID authentication) matches the supplied CPR number.


   where env is API or test.

A Real Example

If the below data is sent to the TEST environment the service will return True, since there is a match in the CPR TEST register between PID and CPR, meaning they refer to the same Danish person.
PID: “9208-2002-2-577168596796”
CPR: “1506093330”
Both ids refer to the same Danish person – Tika Klaussen (TIKA144) in the test environment – so the MatchPidCpr call returns True.

Example Request

Content-Type: application/json; charset=UTF-8
Authorization: your_key_here


Example Response