MitID Customization /Branding

MitId page and logo Can be customized as per your business requirements. ZignSec will help for customization branding logo, css and html files.


  1.  Customized HTML file
  2.  Customized CSS file
  3.  Company Branding logo

 Sample files:

 1. Customization page:

    1.1 Html file

    1.2 Css file

 2. Company Branding logo

    2.1 logo

Note: File(logo) must be W 200 by H 120px. Logo should either utilize max width or max height. File format should be SVG only.

MitID Customization complete package

Html and CSS files will be customized as per your business requirements 

Full Package files

 MitID landing page:


  1. Use the redirectUrl for mitID flow



  2. Enter the Username

   Username :  Your Username *


 3. Swap to APP switching