iDIN Age in the Netherlands is an age verification service by a standard bank login process. The process uses the bank for user age verification purpose only.

Start: POST to

Result: GET from
where env is API or test sessionid is the session identifier retrieved from the setup call, named id in the response.


env is API or test 

lastNameLast nameYes
middleNameMiddle nameNo
genderGender. Can be “Male” or “Female”. Short version “M” or “F” is also supported.Yes
birthDateDate of birth (YYYY-MM-DD or YYYYMMDD)Yes
titleAcademic titleNo
houseNumberHouse number (only digits)No
houseNumberAdditionHouse number additionNo
postalCodePostal code (1000AA or 1000 AA)No
phoneNumberPhone numberNo
mobileNumberMobile numberNo
emailE-mail addressNo

This optional parameter will be returned to you at the redirect back to your server. Use it to link an unique ID of your choice that you can parse.

Example: relaystate=zignsec_eid_1234

targetIf this parameter is supplied the browser session will finally be redirected to this URL-value.No
targetErrortargetError works as target except it is navigated on user cancel or error situations.No
webhookA URL where success/error results will automatically be POST:edNo
Each request returns a response with status and details.
idA unique session identifier generated for each workflow instance.
stateSession state
errorsA JSON array of error conditions, see error handling.
idinCheckUrlIdin Check URL is used to perform the 18+ check through Idin.
idinCertificateCan be used to verify the Idin check.
    "id": "7e68465a-11cd-4f11-a111-8b069810f7ee",
    "state": "WithoutIdinCheck",
    "errors": [],
    "idin18Plus": false,
    "idinCertificate": "",
    "idinCheckUrl": ""

GET to

env is API or test 

How to get notified when workflow is finished:

There is both active and passive notification for when the workflow is finished

  • Callback: Set target and targetError URL parameter in step 1 and you can do the above GET when navigation will occur.
  • Webhook. You can set webhook URL parameter in step step 1 Result will be posted to the URL.
  • Polling: Repeatedly call the above collect-GET until the results contain a final result.
    "id": "7e68465a-11cd-4f11-a111-8b069810f7ee",
    "state": "Finished",
    "errors": [],
    "idin18Plus": true,
    "idincertificate": "TRANSOhw1Bi1eAk1mtDl7BiosiUXDwvnZ/m4SQ1ouEvo1j0ZO111RsV1VGha7coP/H4cBi+e/CN1hBOK0osk1YOgUBw=="