One of the big advantages with using ZignSec’s solutions is that all services are under the same API, with shared authentication, error handling, statistics and data formats. You only need your personal Authorization to take advantage of eID’s in the Nordic Countries,  OTP-codes via SMS in Turkey and Online ID Scans with global coverage. We have also tried to keep the API’s as simple and clean as possible to make them easy to integrate in your code. Each customer decides which API methods are relevant for them. Most methods in the API follow the same structure with a common POST and GET call. The ZignSec’s platform is extremely flexible and we can make special tweaks and adjustments to solve issues on your side. Let us know what might be bugging you by sending a email to [email protected] and we will try to supply you with the best possible solution. This section will explain how to implement the ZignSec API. The API shares the same structure across all products in an effort to make implementation as easy as possible. see also:

Test Environment

There are two environments available – Test and Production. They need separate Authorization tokens. Use URL:
  • Test:[type]
  • Production:[type]