• Address structure: Address structure format is used in many queries and responses.
  • Identity structure: Our main id data holder found in the responses from all our eIDs products.


PersonStatusNormally blank, but can be set to ex Protected, Deceased, Immigrated, De-registered, where the rest of the fields will be blank.
DateOfBirthA string in the format YYYY-MM-DD. Only if delivered from an underlying search provider.
GenderSets the gender of searched person. Female or Male
PersonalNumberOnly if delivered from an underlying search provider.
AddressMost often the street name and number.
Address2Most often empty. An extra address line to be used for example for c/o addresses.
PostalCodeThis is the zip code. Most often a numeric string.
LocationMost often empty. This is an extra city locality field. Probably used in the United Kingdom.
CityIs often paired with the PostalCode.
CountryCodeIs always present. The two-letter ISO country code. Identifies the country of the address.
_DataSourceMeta field. For traceability this field shows the name of the external data service, where the information originated from.
_MatchLevelMeta field. On search results. descriptive string that is set when the address are returned from a SearchPerson call. Sections are delimited with |. This is a the degree of matching to the search query. Can be either HIGH, MEDIUM or LOW together with a percentage score. All rating score limits can be changed after specific customer requirements. Followed by subscore description.
_SortIndexAtSourceMeta field. Only for Search Results. Most often the search results at the underlying data provider are sorted in order of relevance. This is a field to keep that information.


CountryCodeAlways present. Indicates the country the identification is performed in.
FirstNameAlways present.
LastNameAlways present.
DateOfBirthAlways present. In the format YYYY-MM-DD
PersonalNumberAvailability depends on the underlying identity provider in the respective country. In Denmark (NemID) and Norway (BankID) it is normally not delivered.
IdProviderNameIDP data. ZignSec´s name of the underlying identity provider, for example NemID, BankIDSE, BankIDNO or BankLogin.
IdentificationDateIDP data. A datetime for when the identification took place.
IdProviderRequestIdIDP data. A provider specific unique identifier for the transaction, if available. (for traceability)
IdProviderPersonIdIDP data. A provider specific unique identifier for the person identified, if available. (for traceability) Here is for example the Danish PID put, a technical CPR substitute that it not as integrity restricted as the CPR number in the NemID service.
IdProviderAuthenticityIDP data. A values showing the authenticity of the Identity details. Returning the values: HIGH, MEDIUM, LOW and NOT_SET. Not always used.