List of Supported Countries and Banks

Note: If you do not have access to a domestic bank account you can in our test environment use the test bank together with “fake42!” as username and anything for password. Please note that this option is not possible on production accounts.

CountryMethodAvailable banksTest bank
Brazilbli_brLogin via these banksSantander
Croatiabli_hrLogin via these banksPrivredna banka Zagreb (PBZ)
Czech Republicbli_czLogin via these banksČSOB
Denmarkbli_dkLogin via these banksJyske Bank
Estoniabli_eeLogin via these banksCitadele
Finlandbli_fiLogin via these banksAktia
Georgiabli_geLogin via these banksBank of Georgia
Latviabli_lvLogin via these banksCitadele
Lithuaniabli_ltLogin via these banksCitadele
Mexicobli_mxLogin via these banksSantander
Polandbli_plLogin via these banksZahodny
Spainbli_esLogin via these banks.CaixaBank
Swedenbli_seLogin via these banksSwedbank
 [cc][cc] is the two letter country code (ISO 3166) to let the user select from the available identification method(s) for that country.