1. select the Demo1-link and click on the NemID-button at the bottom of the list. Nets’ small login form appears.
  2. Nets’ dialog, Page 1: Enter the CPR (i.e. the personal number, you can also enter the Alias in text form), below enter your personal password or PIN code (depending on your selected password method),
  3. Nets’ dialog, Page 2: On the next step a keycode must be verified via the Keypage retrieved in the test account registration.
  4. Finally, ZignSec presents a page where you have to enter the CPR again, this is a necessary verification step, because the CPR number used during the login is *not* returned. Instead we use a Verification API to compare the CPR against the login session results.  

Test users NemID in Denmark:

In order to get a test user for NemID in Denmark you have these options.

  • testuser 1: CPR=1507161027(Alias  TIAS378, Tias Clausen), PassCode=asasas12, NemID code app verification code not set yet…, the KeyCode sheet can be found below.
  • testuser 2: CPR=1408300921(Alias TOBIAS462, Tobias Bang), PassCode=asasas12, NemID code app verification code not set yet…, the KeyCode sheet can be found below.
  • Contact ZignSec and let us create more test users for you as needed. We will email you with the test username, CPR (personal number) and a password, plus a copy of the key card (otp codes) for the test user.
  • Start you own service agreement with at and then get access to the service portal.


New [2018-05-28] The “NemID code app” for mobile is here

Note: For an introduction from the Danish ‘Digitaliseringsstyrlsen’ follow this link

What’s new:
1. As a user you only need to install the app on you mobile device and activate it first time (the app can be found through a search in apple/google store for “NemID nögleapp”: Found for example here.
2. That is all you need to do as a user, the next time your NemID user needs a keycode, there will appear a new default option for using the “code app” instead of the “key card”, but you can still use the old key card.

New [2018-05-28] How to install the “NemID code app for test”

It is possible to login with the NemID code app on regular NemID test users, you just need to first activate the code app on each test user.

On your iOS device click:
Approve Trifork under Settings -> General -> Device Management

On your Android device click:
Approve Trifork under Settings -> Unknown sources -> ok