SMS is used widely all over the world as a direct way to communicate with your customers. The robustness of the SMS-infrastructure guarantees that a message is delivered almost anywhere in the world. The fact that a SMS cut’s though the information blur and is for the vast majority of messages read within 5 minutes makes it a perfect information channel for critical and personal information. Our SMS API allows you to send international SMS messages for both security and business critical communications as well as general customer notifications and crm-communication. Features include:

  • Send custom messages.
  • Send standard or custom messages containing a random verification code created by Zignsec or generated by you.
  • Set your own sender-id’s or originators as a phone number, a text or a shortcode.
  • Send standard or custom messages using a broad range of languages specific characters.

Some markets are more difficult then others when it comes to SMS delivery. Zignsec have many years of experience in the field of SMS and a very flexible platform supporting your special needs. If you are unsure of the special restrictions for a particular markets reach out to us on [email protected] Example’s of countries requiring special setups are:

  • France. Special T&C needs to be followed including use of pre-defined shortcode or alpha nummeric sender-id.
  • Most of Middle East. Most countires require pre-registration of sender-id’s for best delivery.
  • Russia. Pre-registration of sender-ids are required for best delivery
  • Turkey. Pre-registration of sender-ids are required for best delivery
  • US & Canada. Messages need to be send using a pre-defined toll-free number or Shortcode.

Full API-documentation is found here.