PEP, Sanction and Adverse Media Check (WatchList)

WatchList is a PEP and Sanction list lookup for due diligence checks. The service sees if a person is listed on any PEP or Sanction lists.

PEP (Politically Exposed Person) means “in a prominent public position or a close relative of someone who is.”  This service check if a company is listed on a Pep and Sanction list by sending in the name and country. It also checks if there is any adverse media connected to the company. 

Note : PEP match can be a “PEPs by relation”, also known as RCA (Relatives or Close Associates)

Swagger Links :

Test Swagger – Swagger UI (

Prod Swagger – Swagger UI (

1.Start Session

POST  to

Test Env  :

Prod Env :

1.1 Request Example

Authorization: 12345678-YOUR-ACCESS-TOKEN-5352305c9fb0
Content-Length: 725
Request body:
  "metadata": {
    "country": "Germany",
    "name": "Seimens",
    "scan_settings": {
      "exact": false,
      "max_result_count": 100
  "relay_state": "string",
  "webhook": "string"

Request Parameters

metadataSee Table belowYes

Meta Data Parameters

nameCorporate/Organization name, DBA name, Legal Entity Name required
countryCountry name like Sweden required
exactExact parameter indicates that the exactly matched results or closely matched results should be returned 
maxa_result_countMax result count indicates the maximum number of matches that should be returned. It must be between 1 and 200; defaults to 100 
relay_stateThis optional parameter will be returned to you at the redirect back to your server. Use it to link an unique ID of your choice that you can parse. Examplerelaystate=zignsec_eid_1234No
webhookA URL where success/error results will automatically be POST:edNo

1.2 Response Example

  "data": {
    "errors": [],
    "id": "dfc07fae-8807-4ab1-9e75-5132e405dccc",
    "result": {
      "matches": [
          "entity": {
            "categories": [
              "Special Interest Entity (SIE)"
            "category": "SIE",
            "countries": [],
            "descriptions": [
                "description1": "Special Interest Entity (SIE)"
            "furtherInformation": [],
            "generalInfo": {},
            "identities": [],
            "linkedCompanies": [],
            "linkedIndividuals": [],
            "name": "Seimens AG and Techno Care Company",
            "officialLists": [],
            "originalScriptNames": [],
            "otherNames": [],
            "places": [],
            "sources": []
          "matchedFields": [
      "numberOfMatches": 1
    "status": "Finished"

Response Parameters

idA unique session identifier generated for each workflow instance
errorsA JSON object that contains information on error conditions that might have resulted from the request, in an array of property-value pairs. If multiple errors occur, a pair of parameters is returned for each error. code Code for the error. List of codes is in table below. description A string that describes the type of error that occurred. If no errors occur, then this object is empty. errors : []
MatchesIt tells about number of hits for name, company etc
numberOfMatchesNumber of matches
statusCreated, Finished, Failed, Timeout