MitID Flow:


1. Use the swagger link for MitID testing on test environment

 2. Enter the subscription(Api) key under the Authorize header

   SubScription Key:  Your Subscription Key  *



  3. Use the end point for mitID:

  4. Use the redirectUrl for mitID flow


  5. Enter the Username

   Username :  Your Username *


 6. Swap to APP switching



  1. Download the Pre-prod app from below mentioned link

     1.1 Use the activation code : Your Activation Code *
     1.2 Temporary PIN :Your Temporary PIN *

   Note :  Enable the the settings for iOS

                Settings < General < VPN & Device Management

                Click on Nets DanID A/s for approval

   Get Results :  Enter your Webhook url in Request body

   Sample Response

    Use the tool for Conversion  

     Convert the Signed identity from Response


  MitId Authenticators  Flow:     



Note : *  Provided by ZignSec

    ***  GET end point will be publish soon