MitID Flow:


1. Use the swagger link for MitID testing on test environment

 2. Enter the subscription(Api) key under the Authorize header

   SubScription Key:  Your Subscription Key  *


  3. Use the end point for mitID:

  4. Use the redirectUrl for mitID flow


1.1 Steps to create new test identity:

1.  Test Tool Link : MitID Test Tool

2. Click on New Identity option from the top menu to start creating a new test identity. 


 3. The easiest way to create an identity is to press Autofill followed by Create Identity and the form will be populated with random personal data.  

An active identity is created with a simulated app authenticator.  

1.2 Search for an existing test identity: Enter the CPR-number, UUID or the chosen identity claim in the search field at top right corner on MitID Test Tool. Press Enter, or click the search icon, to view the test identity.

1.3 Testing Steps and Using the app simulator:

1. When asked for an authorization with the MitID app in a Core Client flow, the request is already sent to the test identity’s app authenticator(s). Please use the Identity claim as User ID

Click Open Simulator to open the authenticator in a new pop-up window. If there are no transactions visible in the interface, click Pull Outstanding Transactions. This will refresh the app authenticator for any new requests. The outstanding request can either be confirm or rejected, simulating that a user has swiped to approve a request in the app or rejected approval of a push. 

       1.4 GET results:

    Get Results :  Enter your Webhook url in Request body

   Sample Response

    Use the tool for Conversion  

     Convert the Signed identity from Response

Note : *  Provided by ZignSec

    ***  GET end point will be publish soon